Effective Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners on YouTube

Effective Digital Marketing Tactics for Small Business Owners on YouTube

YouTube has changed the way we watch videos and share our stories. Every month, more than a billion people use it. In fact, most people who might buy from your business would rather watch a helpful video than read about it on your website. So, if you run a small business, you might want to use YouTube movies to sell your business.

The YouTube community specifically has developed into one of the most dominant in the social media industry. In the article, we are going to look at some marketing tactics your businesses can make use of on one of the biggest video-creating platform, YouTube.

Benefits of YouTube video marketing

Before we talk fully on the tips, you need to understand what you gain when using YouTube inline with your business strategy. Let’s explain below;

Marketing On YouTube Will Help You Get Found On Google

Because of Google Universal Search, videos, news, news, books, and local searches are all mixed together in the search results to give people the best information possible.

There are more videos in Google’s search results, which you may have noticed. This shows that Google thinks video pages are just as important as text-only sites.

You can use this to your advantage by writing good posts for your website and making videos on YouTube that go with them. When people look for something, this will help Google find your site more often by building backlinks to it.

As part of your business marketing plan, use YouTube. This will also boost the influence of your website. That is, Google will put all of your pages higher in the search results if your site is seen as more trustworthy.

Effectively showcase your products and services: 

Companies and marketers have found that making a YouTube marketing plan is a great way to reach people. In addition to showing off the goods in your online store, you can use it to make educational videos and answer frequently asked questions. 

Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes look, a product demo, or a customer review, visual content makes people feel something. For example, if you show your product in action, it might make people want to go to your website and actually buy it.

Grow Your Audience Worldwide

This is one of the renowned benefits/advantages of trying out this video-sharing platform for your business.

When you regularly make videos, you get new people who would never have found your business any other way. You can reach people all over the world through YouTube, even if you only know one language.

If you speak English as your first language, you have an edge because it’s hard to reach the huge English-speaking market (30% of all YouTube views) if you can’t write or make great content.

You can also reach new people because you are meeting the needs of a wide range of people by adding closed subtitles to your videos.

Now do you know that videos with closed captions get 4% more views and followers than videos without them.

Tips for creating effective YouTube marketing content

If you make a good YouTube marketing plan, you can get more people to watch your videos and make more money. So how do you make marketing work on YouTube? Here are some tips that will help you sell on YouTube really well;

Write exciting video titles

The titles of your visual content could be the best way to make content that gets a lot of views on YouTube. Using catchy titles gets more views and helps you grow your audience more quickly than any other method. So make sure the titles of your videos are catchy and make people want to click on them.

People will only keep watching your videos if they have great content. They may even tag, comment on, or share them. But there’s no doubt that getting your title right is important for getting more attention online and getting people to interact with your content.

Customize YouTube video thumbnails

The thumbnails you use are just as important, if not more so, than your titles. The thumbnails for your video must be good or exceptional if you want people to watch it. YouTube may decide that the video is not appropriate and will not show it in search results or in the “Recommended Videos” feed. One of the most important parts of YouTube’s search algorithm is the number of clicks on your video. This is especially true in the first hour after you upload it. An interesting video can make the difference between being number one for a search term and not being ranked at all.

It is possible to make thumbnails that people want to click on if you know how they feel and what they want. It’s called “emotional marketing,” and it’s all about making people feel something.

You should think about what makes people happy, sad, or excited. How do they want to fix things? You can make thumbnails that speak to them once you know this.

Optimize YouTube videos for SEO

When businesses make a YouTube marketing plan, they often forget about Search Engine Optimization. But keep in mind that YouTube is owned by Google and that the company uses its own algorithms to decide where videos appear on the channel. 

YouTube’s algorithms look at a lot of things, like the buzzwords a user types in, how popular a video is, and how many times a user has watched it. To increase your chances of success on this channel, make sure you:

Conduct keyword research: Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or put in search phrases into YouTube itself to find out what your customers are searching for.

Add keywords to your videos: Make sure you implement your keywords in your video title, video description, and don’t forget, in hashtags too. A relevant hashtag improves visibility. You can make use of a free YouTube hashtag generator to find trending and suitable hashtags that can enhance your video’s reach.

Create detailed descriptions: Make sure that the titles of your YouTube videos are full of keywords and tell people what to expect from the videos.

Use timestamps: Timestamps help you break your video into chapters, making it easier for customers to skip to the sections they’re most interested in.

Utilize hashtags: Add relevant hashtags to your video description to improve visibility by using a free YouTube hashtag generator to find trending and suitable hashtags that can enhance your video’s reach.

Try YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts lets people use their phones to make short videos that they can share on YouTube.

You can use different tools to change these videos, like music and speed options, and then share them on YouTube.

You can reach more people on YouTube by making and sharing Shorts. You can also share shorts on other social media sites, which will help you reach even more people.

Be Interactive With Your Audience

You can make your videos seem more like a friendly businessperson who cares about how they’re received by responding to comments on them, linking your online media to other parts of your other social media profiles, and putting a link to your video channel in your email signature. Being friendly can help you connect with customers and keep them coming back, especially if you handle complaints and comments in a professional way. You can build a stronger connection with your fans by taking part in these conversations.

For example, let’s say you are a cooking brand, and you have a cooking channel and someone comments on one of your recipe videos, saying they love the dish but think it could be made better with a different ingredient. This feedback not only lets you know that someone liked your content, but it also gives you a good idea for a future cooking video. By responding to the comment and taking the viewer’s suggestion into account, you show that you value their opinion and are willing to use their ideas in your material.

Define your target audience on YouTube

Defining your target audience on YouTube is important in creating a successful marketing strategy. 

Your target audience is the group of people that you want to reach with your video content.

When defining your target audience, consider factors such as:

Demographics: Age, gender, location, income, education, occupation, and other demographic information can help you understand who your audience is and what they’re interested in.

Interests: What are the interests and hobbies of your YouTube audience? This can include sports, fashion, technology, or any other topic your audience may be interested in.

Behavioral patterns: How does your target audience behave online? Do they prefer to watch videos on mobile or desktop? What kind of videos do they watch? How often do they watch videos?

Goals and needs: What are the goals and needs of your target audience? Are they looking for entertainment, information, or inspiration? Are they trying to solve a problem or achieve a specific outcome?

Once you clearly understand your target audience, you can tailor your video content, titles, and descriptions to appeal to them and target your ads to reach the right people. 


Your marketing plan will work better and reach more people if you make interesting videos and put them on YouTube. YouTube is the best place to find all kinds of videos because it is the best tool for sharing videos in the world. 

Congratulations! You are now ready to start your YouTube business page and start posting great videos that get views and customers for your business.

Picture of Olaoluwa Malachi

Olaoluwa Malachi

Picture of Olaoluwa Malachi

Olaoluwa Malachi

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